Harvest Hands Ministries’ vision is to create a loving environment where the poor and destitute people of Mexico may find comfort and solace both physically and spiritually through our various programs with an emphasis on the needs of children. Currently our focus concentrates on the Resplandor De Vida Children’s home located near the City of Juarez, MX. HHM works together with Joaquin Estupiñan (a Mexican national) and RDV staff, sharing in his desire to help children and their parents overcome the challenges of severe poverty. The primary ministry location is designed to house approximately 50 children and their staff when completed. There are currently 24 children in residence. The children are here because of neglect, abuse or primarily through the inability of single parents to properly care for them. Here the children’s basic needs are met as well as special needs on an individual basis (i.e.: psychological and educational). 

The children are also given spiritual guidance through daily devotions and attendance at a Christian school. Harvest Hands’ future goals include the completion of a second children’s dormitory, the construction of a Christian school for the residents of Resplandor De Vida and other local children, and a church/outreach center for the community at large. Harvest Hands is currently fully responsible for the funding of the children’s home, its programs and construction.

We know that we would have been unable to do any of this work without God’s favor and His people standing with us. We are grateful to Him and everyone who has made this work the success it has been thus far. Continued success depends on steady, reliable funding to pay for food, clothing, education, staff salaries, utilities and more. This need can be met by contributors donating a weekly, monthly or yearly portion of the cost, allowing us to properly care for each child. You can be a part of their support team. We pray that you will be led to support this ministry! Simply click DONATE to learn about the options available. Thank you.